Peer Reviews

Peer Review #1: The Procrastireader

Welcome to another week of blogging! Today’s post will be a review of Victoria’s blog, The Procrastireader! As you can tell from the title of her blog, The Procrastireader, Victoria uses her platform to express her love for reading and how she uses books to “avoid the unpleasant things in life.” This post is directly for Victoria and I hope she enjoys it!

Hey Victoria! I am super glad I got to review your blog. I am not usually an avid reader, but after taking a look through your blog, I might have to stop by a book store on my way home one day! Right away I noticed all of the hard work and effort you have put into your blog over the past couple of weeks. I could instantly tell you put a lot of love and thought into your website. I really loved how the picture used in your header shows multiple books. This really ties in to your blog’s name, The Procrastireader. The pastel coloured pictures seamlessly blend in to each other, making it very pleasing to the eye.

Your home page is very well organized and well presented. I really like how you have added cover pictures to each recent post and how you use fun fonts for all of your titles. Adding your recent posts to your home page was a smart idea as it makes it easier for your readers to access your posts if they don’t really know where to start. The white background prevents your home page from looking too crowded or over done. I really think you did a good job at keeping this page simple yet very detailed and organized!

Now for your blog! I really enjoyed how under the “Blog” section of your menu bar you included your book reviews, your book recommendations, book tags and even some of your personal stories. This made it very easy for me to navigate through your blog posts and reach my desired destination within your posts. Once again, I could easily tell that you poured a lot of time and effort into each of your posts. What really caught my attention was the “Storytimes” category in your blog. I thought that was a very fun and creative twist that ties into your theme of reading. I quite enjoyed reading about the time you almost accidentally joined a book pyramid scheme. That post really intrigued me as I have seen many people on Instagram post about this so-called, “world wide book exchange.” I also loved how you included a five star rating and gave heads up if the post will contain spoilers. You also used multiple eye-catching book covers which brings attention to the books your posts are about.

Next onto your About me page. The picture above caught my eye as soon as I opened your “About me” page. My only criticism about this picture would be that your blog’s name, “The Procrastireader” is a bit hard to read due to the colourful background. One way you could make it standout more is by changing the font to one that is a bit easier to read and pops against the fun background. I also enjoyed reading about your hobbies, favourite TV shows and movies, and your favourite music artists. Because your intro on this page is mainly focused on your love for books, I felt that I got to know you better as an individual from reading more about you! I would love to see you put a bit more about yourself into your intro. I know that you dedicated so much of your time into your blog, so it would be awesome to learn more about the amazing person behind all of this hard work and talent!

Overall, your blog has inspired me to be more creative with the appearance of my blog and also my blog posts. Your blog is very inviting and your responses are well thought out and thorough. I love to see that you are having fun with this course and using your blog as a creative outlet! I hope you find my suggestions helpful! I can’t wait to see where your blog takes you!


Peer Review #2: Here To Cook

Hi everyone and welcome to another week of blogging! This weeks post will be a peer review for Charles’s blog, Here To Cook! Charles uses his platform to share his love for cooking and his passion for videography. This post is directly for Charles and I hope he enjoys it!

Hey Charles! I was super excited to review your blog as I am a foodie myself. I love how you mixed your love for food with your passion for videography. Now let’s get into the review starting off with your Home page. The muted colours in image displayed on your home page really ties in to the relaxation feeling of your blog. The colour choice in the picture allow a sense of peacefulness and tranquility for your readers. Although the image choice was great, your intro on the picture is a bit hard to read at first glance due to the variation of colours in the background. I think a quick and easy way to make the text more eligible is by adding a filled text box behind the words. If you make the text box rectangle it will fit in seamlessly with the WordPress theme you have chosen. It did take me a bit to find your course work in your blog. It may be helpful for future readers if you change “Posiel” in the menu bar to “Assignments” or something along the lines of that. The different colour text in your menu bar when you are on a specific page or when you hover over a page was a great choice!

Next on to your About Me page. I loved how you chose a picture of yourself with your camera. It really ties into the videography aspect of your blog. Design wise, I feel as if you could have added a bit more to spice up this page. I can tell you are sticking to more of a minimalistic style, but even a few clipart images of your favourite foods or images relating to videography could really enhance this page and grab the attention of your readers.

I thought the concept of your Videos page was super cool. Unlike most blogs that only have pictures, the videos on your page allow readers to feel as if they are in the kitchen with you! I could tell right away that you pour a lot of your time and effort into each of your videos. Each video looked professional and are definitely commercial and television worthy. I especially loved your salad roll post and how you connected this recipe to your childhood and your mother. Adding a link to your recipe or a similar recipe will allow your readers to not only get inspired by your delicious videos, but to also create your delicious recipes as well. Another idea to enhance your page is to add a five star rating system where you can rate your recipes. For example, you could have a rating for taste and/or difficulty level. You could also add how long each recipe takes and maybe an ingredient list. Once again, the quality of each video is truly amazing! They have good lighting, calming music and great attention to detail.

Another idea to enhance your page is to add a five star rating system where you can rate your recipes. For example, you could have a rating for taste and/or difficulty level. Coming from a beginner chef, A.K.A me, I always find it helpful when recipes online have difficulty levels and time lengths. This will allow your readers to conveniently choose recipes that are within their cooking abilities. It also allows people to step outside of their comfort zone knowing that a particular recipe is a bit more challenging. You could also add how long each recipe takes and maybe an ingredient list. This idea could potentially look along the lines of this:

Each page has great use of whitespace and all the fonts are very clear and easy to read. Your blog is organized and has a clear and concise layout, structure, and theme. I thought that the links in the footer to your Youtube channel and Personal Portfolio were a great addition to your website. Just a heads up, the link to your Instagram does not in fact take us to your account. Instead it takes us to the posts under the hashtag “worldcamp.” I did take a look at your Personal Portfolio however and it is AMAZING! Your work is an inspiration to all future videographers and media creators. My one biggest suggestion would be to have fun with your website. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour here and there. Use your platform to express your creativity and imagination!

I can’t wait to follow along with your blog and hopefully make some of your delicious recipes one day! I can tell you’re on the right path and that you dedicate lots of your time and effort into each individual post. I can’t wait to see where this course takes you on your creative journey! I hope you find my suggestions helpful!


Be sure to check out Charles’s amazing Personal Portfolio as well! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Peer Review #3: Habits for Contentment

Welcome to another peer review! This week’s peer review will be on Cortney’s blog, Habits for Contentment! Cortney uses her blog to show us how she finds peace during the midst of a global pandemic. Once again, this post is directly for Cortney and I hope she enjoys it!

Let’s start off with your home page! As soon as your website loads, readers attention is immediately directed to the beautiful picture of the view of flowers out on the countryside. The vintage feel of the picture is easy on the eyes and brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. The second thing I noticed was the “Connect with Me” section in the right sidebar. The smile on your face and the guitar allow your readers to learn a lot about you just from one picture. I also loved how you linked your VSCO profile in the sidebar. A lot of people are unfamiliar with the app VSCO so by linking your account, readers are able to see the artistic side of you. For those who are familiar with the app, it gives them an opportunity to connect with you in a way outside of just your blog. Next, I wanted to point out your Pinterest account. I think that through your Pinterest account, your readers are able to see what your passions and hobbies are, as well as get a deeper understanding of who you are outside of being a blogger.

I also loved how you added your “Music for Joyful Mornings” Spotify playlist as a post. As a music lover myself, as soon as I saw a post about music, I just knew I had to take a look. The playlist ties in seamlessly with the theme of your blog and I think it was a unique and creative touch. Many of your readers can and will relate to your recognition of how music can be a “comfort” and a “friend.” The only thing I would point out is the inconsistency in font size. I know that this is only one blog post and it is something a little special, but I know that a lot of your readers are going to want to check it out. I suggest changing the “It’s a little folksy…” line to the above body where you mentioned it being a short paragraph. I think this would make the page look a little less choppy and sparse, and a little more clear for readers. I think you could also add more about why you chose those specific songs and make any connections you may have to them. Otherwise, I love this idea and how it is another way to connect with your audience outside of your blog in general.

The posts in your sidebar kept catching my eye! First it was the playlist and then I saw your life update engagement post! AHH as soon as I saw this I just knew I had to read it right that second. This post is not just super exciting and filled with happiness and joy, but it can also relate to the many other happily engaged couples maneuvering through the midst of a global pandemic. I work at a golf and country club here in Coquitlam at the top of Westwood Plateau and we usually are quite a popular ceremony and reception venue for weddings. Due to Covid-19, our wedding season looked a lot different this year. I remember hearing one of the wedding coordinators tell a couple about Bonnie Henry’s new restrictions that only allowed them to have fifty people at their wedding. Both the bride and groom were quite upset at first as their wedding was quite literally the next day, but they soon realized that there was nothing that could be done because it is literal a global pandemic. I know this story has nothing much to do with your engagement, but I just wanted to show that your engagement story has connected with me, an eighteen year old first year! This particular post will not just be relatable for newly weds and newly engaged couples, but also for anyone who has friends or family getting married during the pandemic, or even just people like me. This post is too exciting to even critique! Your guy’s weekend in Whistler seemed amazing and I am so glad you shared it! Huge congratulations to you and Jeremiah!

I also wanted to touch on your blog posts. I think your blog posts are relatable for all types of readers. I love how you have mix of music, recipes, fall favourites, fitness ideas, and more. Your variety in blog post ideas will allow your blog to reach more and readers. Your blog posts are clean, concise and easy to read with few to no spelling or grammar errors. I loved how your Lumpia Remix post shared photos of you and Jeremiah as you made this recipe together. This will allow your readers to have a deeper grasp of who you are and have a little insight into your everyday life. The post had a good backstory as to what made you guys want to make this dish, as well as it contained a good description of what the remix was and step-by-step pictures. The recipe looked delicious and I thought your fall apple spice twist was very clever. I know tons of your reader would want to give it a try so I would suggest adding your recipe. Many of your food loving readers will especially love and be drawn to this specific post.

Your art work throughout your blog is amazing! Your mini assignment #3 really caught my eye. The colours go to together so well and your story was easy to understand. Your art work will allow you to make connections with all of your creative and artsy readers.

Overall, your blog is very visually clean and easy to navigate. I really enjoyed reading your posts and I found it very difficult to find things to suggest. Your variety of blog posts easily reach many different networks of people. Your blog in general attracts all types of people and allows them to connect with you and each other through your engaging posts. I can’t wait to follow along and see where your blog takes you! I know you will be super busy with all the fun and exciting wedding festivities to come, but I truly hope you continue with this blog. Once again, congratulations to you and Jeremiah! Wishing you guys all the best!