Mini Assignments

Mini Assignment #1

Create a meme that reflects your blog

Mini Assignment #2

Hi there, my name is Catwoman! You may recognize me as the fearless, intelligent, kick ass female character from the DC Comics series. I am so excited to be writing today’s guest post on Falling For Fashion. As you can tell from my glossy and standout suit, I am a passion for fashion. Not only does my suit protect me from my male nemesis, Batman, it also gives me the confidence to showcase my true self. My suit is quite tight if you haven’t already noticed. The perfect combination of polyester, spandex and vinyl allow for comfort and durability. Whenever I put on my suit and my mask, I almost feel as if I am a whole new person. Although I love being my normal self, I get a plethora of confidence as soon as I step into my suit. I believe that fashion gives one confidence and allows them to show off who they are through their clothes. My goal is to give individuals out there the confidence to be who they are and not who they think people want them to be.

Mini Assignment #3: Story

Mini Assignment #4: Remix Something

The first photo (left) is the original Vogue magazine cover. The second photo (right) is after I remixed the cover and gave the model a modern makeup look. Her newer and more modern look consists of a thicker brow, a smokey eye, winged eyeliner, thick cat eye shape falsies, heavy contour, blush, and concealer to highlight under her eyes and her t zone.

Mini Assignment #5: Infographic

Here at Falling For Fashion, we are huge advocates for body positivity. You can’t love yourself in an outfit without having self confidence!

Mini Assignment #6: Create a GIF