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The Return of Converse

Hi guys and welcome back to another week of blogging. This week’s blog post is all about the return of Converse. You many be confused about what I mean by “the return of” because I guess you can say Converse have never really gone out of style. Although they never have really gone out of style, it was been almost a decade since they were super trendy and in style. The past ten or so years have been filled with shoes like Keds or Toms that have kicked Converse to the curb. But yes, ten years later they are one of the most popular and demanded shoe because of their timeless appearance, wide range of colours and large variety of styles.

The most popular style of Converse this season have been the Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All Stars. These specific style adds a hint of spice and is a subtle twist on this classic shoe. The Canvas Platforms come in high tops and low tops which is perfect if you have a preference. On the Converse website, the shoe is only available in black and white. However, there is an option to customize your own pair. Because the company is owned by Nike, you are able to customize your very own pair of Converse. The design process is very much similar to the Nike By You custom shoes design process. Through this process you are able to choose from a variety of colours and you are able to customize every single part of the shoe down to the eyelets (the holes where you feed the laces through) and the colour of the stitching. Converse allows you to create your very own, one of a kind design shoe for an affordable price.

Below is a pair that I custom designed on the website through the All Star By You process

The appearance of Converse is timeless and goes with any outfit. They are the perfect shoe if you want to dress down an outfit and make it a bit more casual. My favourite way to style my high top converse is with a skirt or just a pair of jeans. They are such a simple shoe but they can make or break an entire outfit. Below are some of my favourite ways to style Converse that I have seen:

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