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The Pleated Tennis Skirt

Hey guys and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s post is all about tennis skirts. Over the past five months we have seen the pleated tennis skirt come into style, mainly because of the influence of TikTok. Many popular influencers, specifically on TikTok have been seen wearing a pleated tennis skirt. These skirts are super cute and trendy and can be worn with almost anything. The most common way of styling this skirt that we have seen over the past few months have been with a knit sweater vest over a collared shirt. Tennis skirts are cute, simple and stylish, but the pleating is what brings the fun and the spice.

You can find pleated tennis skirts on almost any trendy clothing website ranging from a variety of prices to colours. One of the most popular tennis skirts this season has been Princess Polly’s Rosella Mini Skirt. Although this particular skirt is only available in white, Princess Polly carries many similar styles in a wide range of colours. You can also find more affordable options on Zaful or Shein. Aritzia’s Sunday Best carries the Olive Skirt and you can also find similar ones at your local thrift store. The pleated tennis skirt pairs perfectly with a chunky sneaker or Dr. Martens, and a crewneck or a sweater vest.

Below are some of my favourite ways to style the pleated tennis skirt:

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