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The Perfect Puffer

Welcome to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post will be all about puffer jackets. By now I’m sure you have all seen a friend or a celebrity rock the timeless puffer. What is a puffer jacket? A puffer jacket, also known as a down jacket, is a quilted or padded jacket that is usually filled with feathers. In 1936, Eddie Bauer released the very first puffer jacket called the 1936 Skyliner Model Down Jacket. Ever since 1936, we have seen the puffer evolve immensely. In the 90’s, North Face released their 1996 Retro Nuptuse Jacket. This jacket became one of the “must have” jackets of the decade. Although this jacket came out over twenty years ago, its timeless look has yet to expire. In 2015, North Face collabed with the popular hypebeast brand, Supreme, and in mid November of that year, they dropped their first ever Fall/Winter collection. Since 2015, North Face and Supreme have collabed and released a new Fall/Winter collection, releasing a new Retro Neptuse almost every year. The 1996 Retro Nuptuse is one of the most well known and popular jackets, creating high demand for itself. We have seen this jacket on super models, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski numerous times now.

A few years back, Vancouver’s very own, Aritzia, released their popular Super Puff. Since then, Aritzia and TNA have released this jacket in over 65 colours, 9 styles, including waterproof and men’s, a variety of vests, and 9 different fabrics. This fall, the company introduced the Super Puff Personalized where you can write your name or a message on the inside of the coat, as well as corduroy and liquid shine fabrics. Each puffer is 700+ Goose Down Fill and Responsible Down Standard Certified. The Super (Re) Puff that is filled with recycled down rather than goose down and the Super Puff ₂O is the perfect waterproof puffer for rainy Vancouver days. The variety of styles, colours, and fabrics ensure that you will find the perfect puffer for the climate you live in and your everyday lifestyle. Aritzia’s website makes it super easy to find the perfect Super Puff for you!

The Super Puff Price List

  • The Super Puff Shorty – $225-$228
  • The Super Puff Original – $250-$298
  • The Super (Re) Puff – $298
  • The Super Puff Mid – $298-$350
  • The Super Puff Long -$350-$398
  • The Super Puff Vest – $198-$250
  • The Super Puff Long Vest – $298
  • The Super Puff ₂O – $350
  • Mr. Super Puff Original – $275-$325
  • Mr. Super Puff Vest -$225
  • Mr. Super (Re) Puff – $325

Puffer jackets are a fall wardrobe essential. These stylish yet practical jackets will keep you warm in the fall to winter transition, as well as keep you looking trendy and hip. Whether you’re making a quick trip to the grocery store or you’re walking the streets of Downtown, a puffer is the jacket for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post!


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