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The Blazer

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post is all about blazers. Blazers are perfect for all seasons because they come in many different colours and materials. They are styled perfectly when thrown over a blouse or even a hoodie. The trendiest pattern we have been seeing over the past few months is the classic plaid. Plaid adds a bit of spice to your outfit without looking too outrageous or being harsh on the eyes. This season we have been seeing a ton of over sized blazers, but in the spring and summer seasons where it is sunnier, cropped blazers are always a cute option as well. Blazers are so trendy and popular because of their classy look and versatility. Let’s say you have a busy day at work in the office and then you have a reservation booked for drinks and dinner with girls right after. What should you wear? Below is are two outfits you can wear; one to work and one to drinks and dinner with the girls right after.

A slip dress is the perfect thing to wear under a blazer if you don’t have time to go home and change because it is light weight and easy to pack, and all you have to do is slip it on and head out! Small and petite dresses have been super popular under an oversized blazer. A patterned blazer is the perfect thing to spice up your look. It gives your outfit a classy touch while still being comfortable.

Below are some of my favourite everyday blazer outfits. This fall I have really been loving neutral tones and warm tones like brown and taupe. I think these colours are the perfect transition colours as we moved from summer and into autumn. One of my favourite everyday outfits is an oversized blazer with a simple white top underneath, paired with some high rise light washed denim. This is the perfect outfit for everyday errands or lunch with your friends!

Where to find the perfect blazer – almost every trendy and fashionable store sells adorable blazers in a variety of colours and fabrics. Some of my favourite blazers can be found at Aritzia and even Zara, but in this week’s post, I am going to be focusing on more affordable options. H&M carries a wide range of super cute blazers for an affordable price. Many times, they have numerous blazers in their sale section ranging from $9.99 to $29.99. Just a few weeks ago I scored a thick oversized blazer for only $14.99! H&M carries many different styles and fits including fitted, double-breasted, straight-cut and oversized. They also carry a wide variety of materials and fabrics such as wool, jersey and polyester. Below are some of my favourite H&M blazers.

If you are looking for a super affordable option, I would suggest checking out your local thrift store such as Value Village. The Value Village’s in my area have an abundance of blazers. If you’re looking for the perfect oversized blazer, check out the men’s work attire section. I guarantee you there will be a trendy blazer that will be the perfect oversized fit for you. If you’re looking for a cropped or fitted blazer, check out the women’s work attire section. This section is much more ‘hit or miss,’ but if you do happen to find a blazer that you love, there is a high chance that it is paired with the matching dress pants which can be either worn together or separately.

Overall, the blazer is the perfect statement piece to tie together a look. They can be dressed up when paired with a slip dress and some heels, or they can be dressed down with a t-shirt, your favourite pair of jeans and some sneakers. Because blazers can be worn throughout all months of the year, especially here in Vancouver, they are the perfect piece to have and keep in your closet!

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