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Must Need: Sweatsuits

Hey there and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post is all about sweatsuits. Let’s take a journey back eight months to March. It is the beginning to middle of the month and a Covid-19 outbreak is found in Vancouver. All of the toilet paper shelves are empty and people are panicking to get emergency food in case the grocery stores get shut down. You get an email from your boss saying that you will be doing work strictly from home or you get an email from your school saying that there will be no more in-class instruction. What exactly does this mean you think to yourself. Well, to me, this meant no more having to get ready for school or work, and only having to roll out of bed and hop onto my computer. At first I was super excited to sleep in an extra hour or so, but as the months passed and the virtual world began to become the “norm,” I felt less and less motivated because I no longer had to put on a cute outfit. The only way I could feel motivated enough to do my homework was if I had a cute outfit on. Since I had no wear to go besides the desk in my room, I wanted to dress not just for style, but for comfort.

What is a sweatsuit? A sweatsuit is just a matching pair sweats. My all time favourite place to buy my sweatsuits is Aritzia. Aritzia has over 15 colours to choose from and they have a variety of fits and styles. Below, I am going to guide you through finding the perfect sweatsuit for you!

Step 1: Pants – Finding Your Fit

  • Perfect: if you want a slimmer and tighter fit
  • Mega: if you want a looser and baggier fit
  • Boyfriend: the perfect in-between of the Perfect and the Mega

Step 2: Sweater – Picking a Style

  • Crewneck: no hood
  • Shrunken: cropped with a thick band at the bottom
  • 1/4 Zip: no good, zipper runs 1/4 down the sweater
  • Hoodie
    • Perfect: tighter, slimmer, no draw strings
    • Boyfriend: looser, baggie, draw strings
  • Zip-Up

When picking a colour, you can choose from solids, dyes and graphics

The Artizia website makes it easy for you to choose the perfect sweatsuit for you! Here are some of my favourite sets:

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