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Fun on Film

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another week of blogging here at Falling for Fashion. Today’s post is going to be a bit different from my usual fashion trend posts. I took the time this week to reflect on my social media appearance and appearance over the media in general. Let’s take Instagram for example. When you are viewing someone’s Instagram profile, you are looking at some of their best pictures. As I was reflecting upon my media appearance this past week, I realized that the pictures I post are usually posed, rather than pictures captured within the moment. This realization gave me the opportunity to reflect more on living in the moment rather than just living through the moment.

That being said, one way to capture those moments while still living in them is through film cameras. My favourite part about having a film camera is the idea of not knowing how the photos turned out until you get them developed. This has allowed me to live in the moment without caring about what I look like in the picture and how the picture turned out. What I also love about film is the fact that half the time you forget about some of the pictures you took on that roll. It’s always the best when you’re looking at through the developed pictures and you are pleasantly surprised and excited when you see one you forgot you took.

Why I chose film – you may be wondering why a 17 year old girl chose to buy a film camera. My parents make fun of me all of the time saying, “why would you use a film camera if you can take a perfectly good photo on your phone?” or “film is so old school!” Not only is film a way for me to capture the fun moments in life, but it is also a way for me to remember those times as a teenager. There was one day where my sister and I were over at my grandparents house looking through old photo albums for fun. I got to see what it was like growing up for my grandparents and also my parents. I have taken my film photos and placed them in a photo album. When I am older, I hope to keep this album within my family for future generations to look back on!

If you are new to film cameras and just want to try one out and not have to invest in a real film camera, I suggest you grab a disposable film camera from your local Walmart or London Drugs. These cost no more than $15 CDN and they come with 27 shots. If you are still unsure about purchasing a film camera or a disposable, I suggest downloading the apps David’s Disposable by David Dobrik or Huji Cam.

Remember to live in the moment and happy snapping!


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