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Big On Baguette Bags

In many cases accessories can be the make or break of a bomb outfit! In today’s blog post I will be showing you guys one of the trendiest accessories of the season.

Baguette Bags – the biggest trend we have been seeing through summer and now into fall are baguette bags. And no, they are not bags made out of a long loaf of French bread. Baguette bags are the perfect size purse for your everyday outings. They come in multiple colours, sizes and designs and can be a cute statement piece in an outfit. These bags are perfect for any style and anyone! The most popular baguette bag we have been seeing lately is Prada’s Re-Edition 2005 Nylon Mini Bag. Although that bag in specific is adorable and super trendy, it is out of most people’s price range. I have linked a few adorable and affordable baguette bags below!

Adorable and affordable baguette bags:

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