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The Trendiest Christmas Gift Guide

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week of blogging! As the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought that this week would be perfect to post a holiday gift guide to give you guys some inspiration and ideas of what to get your friends! This guide is mainly girlier gift ideas but they can work for anyone. I have broken down the gifts by price starting from lowest to highest. I hope this helps you guys out and gives you a few ideas!

Before you take a look at the gift ideas below, make sure you try your best to shop locally. In times like these, many local and small businesses are struggling to stay open due to the pandemic. Try your best to purchase from local stores and small business before you head to the check out with a cart full of items on Amazon. We need to work together to support these businesses and help them stay open through these tough times.

Category 1: Under $25

  1. Fuzzy Socks – fuzzy socks are the perfect secret Santa or stocking stuffer. They usually cost around $5 and they are perfect for the holiday season.
  2. Disposable Camera – Perfect to capture memories and fun to use with friends. Costs around $12 and is available at Walmart, London Drugs or Urban Outfitters.
  3. Lip Gloss – Glossier is known for the lip gloss and it costs $21. You can also find cheaper alternatives at your local drugstore
  4. 10ft Charging Cable – Perfect for those who struggle with having a short cord. Variety of good quality and affordable options on Amazon
  5. Toques – Perfect for the holiday season. Available at stores such as Aritzia, H&M and Walmart
  6. Mug – Cute mugs for hot cocoa. Usually cost $5-$10
  7. Blue Light Glasses – Perfect for those who are doing online school or working from home. Variety available on Amazon and at Urban Outfitters
  8. Pajama Shorts – Super cute, festive patterns for the holiday season are adorable. Affordable options at Old Navy

Category 2: $25-$100

  1. Hoodies – A little something to keep warm during the colder seasons. Aritzia (TNA) is known for their super soft and thick sweat fleece
  2. Converse – The most versatile shoe because it can be worn with any outfit and is super affordable. Prices usually range from $50-$80
  3. Makeup – Eyeshadow palettes or contour and blush sets are perfect for the holiday season. Sephora has a bunch of deals going on right now. Some of my favourite luxury makeup essentials come from the Dior Backstage line where shadows and palettes are under $60
  4. Jewelry – Thick gold jewelry has been super in this season! Grab a stunning pair or earrings or a few rings from Mejuri or Amazon
  5. Pajama Sets – Perfect for any season, so comfortable and cute. You can find festive pajama sets at Old Navy!
  6. Slippers – Costco has cute, comfy and affordable slippers. You can also purchase luxurious pairs from UGG
  7. Sunglasses – You can find super cute sunglasses from QUAY and also at Winners! They range from $50-$80
  8. Wildflower Cases – If you know someone who needs a phone case, Wildflower is where it’s at. They have so many cute cases and collar cases with celebrities. Their cases usually cost around $50 and can be found on the Wildflower website or at Urban Outfitters
  9. Airforce 1’s – Super popular and versatile shoe. Can be found on the Nike website or any sneaker store such as Footlocker or Champs
  10. Candles – Twisted candle sticks have been super popular and trendy over the past few months. Candle sticks can be found at the dollar store or at Michael’s and there are numerous tutorials online on how to make these fun and unique candles
  11. Work out apparel – Stores such as Lululemon, Gymshark and Set Active have high quality workout apparel for those who love the gym!

Category #3: $100+

  1. Dr. Martens – The perfect shoe for fall and winter. They can be paired with anything and usually range from $150+. If you want to learn more about Docs and finding the perfect pair for a friend or yourself, check out my blog post here
  2. Sweatsuits – Aritzia is known for their sweat fleece and their variety of colours it comes in. Sweatsuits are perfect for times like these when we are forced to stay indoors. If you want to learn more about Aritzia’s sweatsuits and finding the perfect one for a friend or yourself, check out my blog post here
  3. Melina Pants – Leather pants have been super popular this season, but Wilfred’s Melina Pants have been a must have in everyone’s closet. They can be found online or in stores at Aritzia. They cost $148 before tax and they are worth every penny
  4. Nike Blazers – This shoe has been super popular over the past few months. Although they are not ideal for cold and rainy days, they are the perfect sneaker for the spring and summer. They cost around $120 and are available on the Nike website and in stores such as Nike, Footlocker and Champs
  5. The Superpuff – TNA has come out with the cutest, most popular puffer jacket here in Canada. They are sold at all Aritzia stores and online and range anywhere from $200-$400 depending on the style. If you want to learn more about the Superpuff and finding the perfect one for a friend or yourself, check out my blog post here
  6. The North Face Neptuse Puffer – Although this a big splurge on a jacket, it is totally worth it. The North Face puffer will keep you warm and keep you looking trendy at the same time. The jacket ranges anywhere from $380+. If you want to learn more about the and finding the perfect puffer for a friend or yourself, check out my blog post here
  7. Designer Bags – Yes, I know that these are very pricey, but they are the perfect gift if you’re looking to spend a dollar or two (or thousands) on someone you love. My favourite designer handbags are from Prada and Chanel. Definitely check out local vintage stores that carry designer pieces if you are looking to save a buck or two:)

I hope this gift guide is helpful for all of you! Once again, please try to shop locally or from small businesses this holiday season. These business are going through a tough time and are in need of the funds to keep their business running and to provide for their families this Christmas. Below is a list of small neighbourhood businesses you can support here in the Greater Vancouver Area this holiday season:

Happy shopping everyone!

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The Blazer

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post is all about blazers. Blazers are perfect for all seasons because they come in many different colours and materials. They are styled perfectly when thrown over a blouse or even a hoodie. The trendiest pattern we have been seeing over the past few months is the classic plaid. Plaid adds a bit of spice to your outfit without looking too outrageous or being harsh on the eyes. This season we have been seeing a ton of over sized blazers, but in the spring and summer seasons where it is sunnier, cropped blazers are always a cute option as well. Blazers are so trendy and popular because of their classy look and versatility. Let’s say you have a busy day at work in the office and then you have a reservation booked for drinks and dinner with girls right after. What should you wear? Below is are two outfits you can wear; one to work and one to drinks and dinner with the girls right after.

A slip dress is the perfect thing to wear under a blazer if you don’t have time to go home and change because it is light weight and easy to pack, and all you have to do is slip it on and head out! Small and petite dresses have been super popular under an oversized blazer. A patterned blazer is the perfect thing to spice up your look. It gives your outfit a classy touch while still being comfortable.

Below are some of my favourite everyday blazer outfits. This fall I have really been loving neutral tones and warm tones like brown and taupe. I think these colours are the perfect transition colours as we moved from summer and into autumn. One of my favourite everyday outfits is an oversized blazer with a simple white top underneath, paired with some high rise light washed denim. This is the perfect outfit for everyday errands or lunch with your friends!

Where to find the perfect blazer – almost every trendy and fashionable store sells adorable blazers in a variety of colours and fabrics. Some of my favourite blazers can be found at Aritzia and even Zara, but in this week’s post, I am going to be focusing on more affordable options. H&M carries a wide range of super cute blazers for an affordable price. Many times, they have numerous blazers in their sale section ranging from $9.99 to $29.99. Just a few weeks ago I scored a thick oversized blazer for only $14.99! H&M carries many different styles and fits including fitted, double-breasted, straight-cut and oversized. They also carry a wide variety of materials and fabrics such as wool, jersey and polyester. Below are some of my favourite H&M blazers.

If you are looking for a super affordable option, I would suggest checking out your local thrift store such as Value Village. The Value Village’s in my area have an abundance of blazers. If you’re looking for the perfect oversized blazer, check out the men’s work attire section. I guarantee you there will be a trendy blazer that will be the perfect oversized fit for you. If you’re looking for a cropped or fitted blazer, check out the women’s work attire section. This section is much more ‘hit or miss,’ but if you do happen to find a blazer that you love, there is a high chance that it is paired with the matching dress pants which can be either worn together or separately.

Overall, the blazer is the perfect statement piece to tie together a look. They can be dressed up when paired with a slip dress and some heels, or they can be dressed down with a t-shirt, your favourite pair of jeans and some sneakers. Because blazers can be worn throughout all months of the year, especially here in Vancouver, they are the perfect piece to have and keep in your closet!

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Brown Brown Brown

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post is about all things brown! Over the past few months we have seen the colour brown popping up in all of our closets. This neutral colour is not as ordinary as black, but is still fun without being too harsh on the eye. Brown was big in the 70’s and made a bit of a come back in the early 2000’s, but because the colour can be associated with mud or you know, a little something else, the colour can appear as unattractive and unwanted in our wardrobes and in the fashion industry. But finally almost twenty years since it has been in, brown has made a comeback! The most popular brown pieces we have seen this season are brown jeans, brown leather, and brown basics.

The colour is a warm tone and can be paired with a wide range of colours. The colour itself is versatile and is currently sweeping through the fashion industry. Many of my favourite bloggers and influencers have been styling the colour in so many different ways this season. Below are some of my favourite fall brown looks by Yuyan:

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Must Need: Sweatsuits

Hey there and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post is all about sweatsuits. Let’s take a journey back eight months to March. It is the beginning to middle of the month and a Covid-19 outbreak is found in Vancouver. All of the toilet paper shelves are empty and people are panicking to get emergency food in case the grocery stores get shut down. You get an email from your boss saying that you will be doing work strictly from home or you get an email from your school saying that there will be no more in-class instruction. What exactly does this mean you think to yourself. Well, to me, this meant no more having to get ready for school or work, and only having to roll out of bed and hop onto my computer. At first I was super excited to sleep in an extra hour or so, but as the months passed and the virtual world began to become the “norm,” I felt less and less motivated because I no longer had to put on a cute outfit. The only way I could feel motivated enough to do my homework was if I had a cute outfit on. Since I had no wear to go besides the desk in my room, I wanted to dress not just for style, but for comfort.

What is a sweatsuit? A sweatsuit is just a matching pair sweats. My all time favourite place to buy my sweatsuits is Aritzia. Aritzia has over 15 colours to choose from and they have a variety of fits and styles. Below, I am going to guide you through finding the perfect sweatsuit for you!

Step 1: Pants – Finding Your Fit

  • Perfect: if you want a slimmer and tighter fit
  • Mega: if you want a looser and baggier fit
  • Boyfriend: the perfect in-between of the Perfect and the Mega

Step 2: Sweater – Picking a Style

  • Crewneck: no hood
  • Shrunken: cropped with a thick band at the bottom
  • 1/4 Zip: no good, zipper runs 1/4 down the sweater
  • Hoodie
    • Perfect: tighter, slimmer, no draw strings
    • Boyfriend: looser, baggie, draw strings
  • Zip-Up

When picking a colour, you can choose from solids, dyes and graphics

The Artizia website makes it easy for you to choose the perfect sweatsuit for you! Here are some of my favourite sets:

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The Return of Converse

Hi guys and welcome back to another week of blogging. This week’s blog post is all about the return of Converse. You many be confused about what I mean by “the return of” because I guess you can say Converse have never really gone out of style. Although they never have really gone out of style, it was been almost a decade since they were super trendy and in style. The past ten or so years have been filled with shoes like Keds or Toms that have kicked Converse to the curb. But yes, ten years later they are one of the most popular and demanded shoe because of their timeless appearance, wide range of colours and large variety of styles.

The most popular style of Converse this season have been the Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All Stars. These specific style adds a hint of spice and is a subtle twist on this classic shoe. The Canvas Platforms come in high tops and low tops which is perfect if you have a preference. On the Converse website, the shoe is only available in black and white. However, there is an option to customize your own pair. Because the company is owned by Nike, you are able to customize your very own pair of Converse. The design process is very much similar to the Nike By You custom shoes design process. Through this process you are able to choose from a variety of colours and you are able to customize every single part of the shoe down to the eyelets (the holes where you feed the laces through) and the colour of the stitching. Converse allows you to create your very own, one of a kind design shoe for an affordable price.

Below is a pair that I custom designed on the website through the All Star By You process

The appearance of Converse is timeless and goes with any outfit. They are the perfect shoe if you want to dress down an outfit and make it a bit more casual. My favourite way to style my high top converse is with a skirt or just a pair of jeans. They are such a simple shoe but they can make or break an entire outfit. Below are some of my favourite ways to style Converse that I have seen:

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The Pleated Tennis Skirt

Hey guys and welcome back to another week of blogging! This week’s post is all about tennis skirts. Over the past five months we have seen the pleated tennis skirt come into style, mainly because of the influence of TikTok. Many popular influencers, specifically on TikTok have been seen wearing a pleated tennis skirt. These skirts are super cute and trendy and can be worn with almost anything. The most common way of styling this skirt that we have seen over the past few months have been with a knit sweater vest over a collared shirt. Tennis skirts are cute, simple and stylish, but the pleating is what brings the fun and the spice.

You can find pleated tennis skirts on almost any trendy clothing website ranging from a variety of prices to colours. One of the most popular tennis skirts this season has been Princess Polly’s Rosella Mini Skirt. Although this particular skirt is only available in white, Princess Polly carries many similar styles in a wide range of colours. You can also find more affordable options on Zaful or Shein. Aritzia’s Sunday Best carries the Olive Skirt and you can also find similar ones at your local thrift store. The pleated tennis skirt pairs perfectly with a chunky sneaker or Dr. Martens, and a crewneck or a sweater vest.

Below are some of my favourite ways to style the pleated tennis skirt:

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Dad Pants

Hi guys and welcome back to another week of blogging! This weeks blog post is all about the dad pant. Dad pants are the perfect pair of pants if you’re looking for something comfy but classy and trendy to wear. Over the past few months we have seen this pant come into style because of their versatility, comfort and style. I think these pants are perfect for a long day of shopping or a fancy night out with the girls.

The first dad pants I am going to show you is this pair from Zara called the Dad Pant. The Zara Dad Pant is the perfect mix of casual and fancy. They are a wide leg pant that is pleated. near the waist line. These pants specifically come in five different colours ranging from a classic black to a fun and spunky deep mustard yellow. They are also available in a cropped version and a high rise version. These dad pants are a perfect transition piece as we head from fall into weather. They are also perfect if you are not too sure if you love the style because they are super affordable and on sale for $35.99 right now. You can pair these with a chunky sneaker or a pair of heels, or an oversized blazer or chunky knit sweater.

If you love the look of a dad pant but you’re looking for something a touch fancier and classier, I have the perfect pant for you. The Babaton Lincoln Pant is a neutral triacetate material that makes them perfect for a job interview or a business meeting. Although this pair of pant is a bit more expensive than the Zara ones I mentioned above, the quality is immaculate and they are on sale right now for 50% off at $73.99. The Lincoln Pant is a bit more minimalistic than the Zara Dad Pant as it does not have pleating underneath the waistband. I would definitely recommend these pants for a night out in town with the girls or for any semi-formal event. You can dress them up with a heel or wear them more casually with a sneaker.

If you’re looking for a super affordable option, I would definitely recommend checking out one of your local thrift stores. They have a variety of options in the “Women’s Dress Pants” section and even a wide selection in the mens section.

These pants are the perfect pant for you this season. You can either dress them up or dress them down. You can style them with a chunky sneaker or a classy heel, an oversized blazer or even a blouse! These are the most versatile pants of the season. Their versatility is what will keep them in everyone’s closet for seasons to come!

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The Ultimate Fall Boot

Hi guys and welcome to another week of blogging here at Falling for Fashion! This week’s blog post will be all about finding the perfect boot for you. In this post I will be introducing you guys to some of my favourite boots we have been seeing this season. Boots and booties are the perfect shoe for those who live in a city with unpredictable weather, just like here in Vancouver. Let’s say you and your girl friends decide to do a day of shopping and finish that off with a classy dinner at a delicious restaurant. After spending hours picking out an outfit and getting ready, you’re about to head out the door when you think to yourself “what shoes am I supposed to wear?” As you stare at your shoe options, you begin to consider the weather conditions outside so you look at your weather app. The app calls for rain during the day and sun in the evening. What shoes are you supposed to wear? Sneakers are perfect for a day of shopping but they don’t look cute with your outfit, whereas your favourite Steve Madden heels look amazing with your outfit but aren’t ideal for a long day of shopping. So finally, you reach for your favourite pair of boots and you head out the door.

When picking out the ultimate boot for you, there are a couple things to consider:

  1. Price
  2. Style
  3. Climate you live in
  4. Comfort

If you are looking for an all around dependable and stylish boot, I recommend any of the boots from Dr. Martens. Docs come in a variety of styles and colours, and they have been super popular and trendy this fall season. The three most worn Docs of the season have been the Jadon Smooth High Top Platforms, the 2976 Polished Smooth Platform Chelsea Boot, and lastly the 8053 Leather Platform Casual Shoe. These specifically add a fun twist to the normal Dr. Marten boot as they all have platform soles. As a shorter girl myself, I love wearing shoes with a chunkier sole as they can give off the effect of longer legs, as well as give you an extra inch or two of height. Although Dr. Marten’s can be on the pricier side, their shoes are known to be very durable, sturdy and reliable.

Next up are these adorable boots from Zara. Over the past few months, I have been seeing some of my favourite Instagram influencers and Youtubers style these affordable and trendy boots. The Low Heel High Shaft Treaded Sole Boots from Zara have been an essential in many closets over the past few months. Zara’s affordable reputation attracts consumers from all over the world. These boots are a super affordable price for good quality boots. There are so many different ways you can style these. From skirts and shorts in the fall to jeans and pants as we transition into winter, these boots work perfectly with any outfit.

My last boot recommendation has to be the Prada’s Monolith brushed leather booties. These boots are a fancier designer version of the Dr. Marten 2976 Polished Smooth Platform Chelsea Boot that I talked about above. Because these boots are made from a high end designer brand, they are quite pricey. If you are looking for the ultimate chunky bootie and you are willing to splurge and treat yourself, this is the shoe for you!

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The Perfect Puffer

Welcome to another week of blogging! This week’s blog post will be all about puffer jackets. By now I’m sure you have all seen a friend or a celebrity rock the timeless puffer. What is a puffer jacket? A puffer jacket, also known as a down jacket, is a quilted or padded jacket that is usually filled with feathers. In 1936, Eddie Bauer released the very first puffer jacket called the 1936 Skyliner Model Down Jacket. Ever since 1936, we have seen the puffer evolve immensely. In the 90’s, North Face released their 1996 Retro Nuptuse Jacket. This jacket became one of the “must have” jackets of the decade. Although this jacket came out over twenty years ago, its timeless look has yet to expire. In 2015, North Face collabed with the popular hypebeast brand, Supreme, and in mid November of that year, they dropped their first ever Fall/Winter collection. Since 2015, North Face and Supreme have collabed and released a new Fall/Winter collection, releasing a new Retro Neptuse almost every year. The 1996 Retro Nuptuse is one of the most well known and popular jackets, creating high demand for itself. We have seen this jacket on super models, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski numerous times now.

A few years back, Vancouver’s very own, Aritzia, released their popular Super Puff. Since then, Aritzia and TNA have released this jacket in over 65 colours, 9 styles, including waterproof and men’s, a variety of vests, and 9 different fabrics. This fall, the company introduced the Super Puff Personalized where you can write your name or a message on the inside of the coat, as well as corduroy and liquid shine fabrics. Each puffer is 700+ Goose Down Fill and Responsible Down Standard Certified. The Super (Re) Puff that is filled with recycled down rather than goose down and the Super Puff ₂O is the perfect waterproof puffer for rainy Vancouver days. The variety of styles, colours, and fabrics ensure that you will find the perfect puffer for the climate you live in and your everyday lifestyle. Aritzia’s website makes it super easy to find the perfect Super Puff for you!

The Super Puff Price List

  • The Super Puff Shorty – $225-$228
  • The Super Puff Original – $250-$298
  • The Super (Re) Puff – $298
  • The Super Puff Mid – $298-$350
  • The Super Puff Long -$350-$398
  • The Super Puff Vest – $198-$250
  • The Super Puff Long Vest – $298
  • The Super Puff ₂O – $350
  • Mr. Super Puff Original – $275-$325
  • Mr. Super Puff Vest -$225
  • Mr. Super (Re) Puff – $325

Puffer jackets are a fall wardrobe essential. These stylish yet practical jackets will keep you warm in the fall to winter transition, as well as keep you looking trendy and hip. Whether you’re making a quick trip to the grocery store or you’re walking the streets of Downtown, a puffer is the jacket for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post!


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Fun on Film

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another week of blogging here at Falling for Fashion. Today’s post is going to be a bit different from my usual fashion trend posts. I took the time this week to reflect on my social media appearance and appearance over the media in general. Let’s take Instagram for example. When you are viewing someone’s Instagram profile, you are looking at some of their best pictures. As I was reflecting upon my media appearance this past week, I realized that the pictures I post are usually posed, rather than pictures captured within the moment. This realization gave me the opportunity to reflect more on living in the moment rather than just living through the moment.

That being said, one way to capture those moments while still living in them is through film cameras. My favourite part about having a film camera is the idea of not knowing how the photos turned out until you get them developed. This has allowed me to live in the moment without caring about what I look like in the picture and how the picture turned out. What I also love about film is the fact that half the time you forget about some of the pictures you took on that roll. It’s always the best when you’re looking at through the developed pictures and you are pleasantly surprised and excited when you see one you forgot you took.

Why I chose film – you may be wondering why a 17 year old girl chose to buy a film camera. My parents make fun of me all of the time saying, “why would you use a film camera if you can take a perfectly good photo on your phone?” or “film is so old school!” Not only is film a way for me to capture the fun moments in life, but it is also a way for me to remember those times as a teenager. There was one day where my sister and I were over at my grandparents house looking through old photo albums for fun. I got to see what it was like growing up for my grandparents and also my parents. I have taken my film photos and placed them in a photo album. When I am older, I hope to keep this album within my family for future generations to look back on!

If you are new to film cameras and just want to try one out and not have to invest in a real film camera, I suggest you grab a disposable film camera from your local Walmart or London Drugs. These cost no more than $15 CDN and they come with 27 shots. If you are still unsure about purchasing a film camera or a disposable, I suggest downloading the apps David’s Disposable by David Dobrik or Huji Cam.

Remember to live in the moment and happy snapping!