Welcome to Falling For Fashion! My name is Kyra Lee and I am a first year student attending Simon Fraser University. I grew up in Coquitlam, BC and played youth soccer for fourteen years. Although I grew up as quite the tomboy, my love for clothes and all things fashion began in my first year of middle school! My passion for fashion definitely comes from both of my parents. Growing up in a pretty fashion forward household has inspired my love for clothes, shoes and trends.

What’s the plan? After University I hope to have a career somewhere on the business side of the fashion industry. It has been a dream of mine to move to New York or Paris and experience the fashion world over there. My ideal dream job would be to work in the marketing or advertising portfolio of New York Fashion Week or any fashion week. The idea of moving around the world, doing what I love, and being able to financially support myself inspires me to work hard in the coming years of University and to always put 110% into anything I do.

Why fashion? Fashion inspires me in the sense that it is a way for everyone to express their true selves. I have always believed that each outfit tells a story or is a method of showing off who you are. There are so many ways fashion can inspire creativity not just within the fashion industry, but also in different fields.

I am super excited to show you guys my style and give you guys the rundown on the latest and greatest fashion trends of the fall!